HTML5 Local Storage

Local Storage:

  • simply provides a key-value mapping. Present implementations only support string-to-string mappings, so you need to serialize and de-serialize other data structures.
  • Local storage limits to 5MB of usage only
  • By exceeding quota it will return "QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR"
HTML5 Local Storage

Imp things:

To set the item in local storage
localstorage.setItem(key, value);
ex: localstorage.setItem("uname", 'kongaraju'); //represents localStorage.key(0)

To store Objects in local storage
localStorage.setItem("Uinfo", JSON.stringify({ 'Fname' : 'Raju' , 'Lname' : 'konga' })); //key index 1

To get the item from LocalStorage
localstorage.getItem(key); // By Key
localStorage.key(index);     //BY Index
ex: var UserName=localstorage.getItem("uname");
        var UserName=localStorage.getItem(localStorage.key(index));
//return "kongaraju"

To get the objects from local storage
var info=JSON.parse(localSorage.getItem('Uinfo'));
var FirstName= info.Fname
var LastName= info.Lname

To get total length of local storage

To get list of local Storage items
for(var i=o; i<localstorage.length; i++)

remove the item
ex: localStorage.removeItem('uname');

To Clear the localstorage
localStorage.clear(); // it clears total localstorage of app

In other way
var UserName = localstorage['uname'];

Session Storage:

  • The sessionStorage object is equal to the localStorage object, except that it stores the data for only one session. The data is deleted when the user closes the browser window.

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