HTML5 Websocket File manager

This article demonstrates how to build file manager using Websockets and with other HTML5 emerging technologies.

WebSockets one of the powerful communication mechanism  to send and receive the messages bidirectionally between client and server. WebSockets give you the facility to load real time data and visualize it.

PDF.js, webodf.js and so many other libraries exists over web to load  and see the files in browser. The HTML5 Drag Drop API has the Capability to get the files from the user in a way they can drop in the zone. With  Drag and Drop user can upload Folder and multiple files.

One other HTML5 very useful API WebWorkers it helps to do the operation in their own thread. it gives boost to javascript to implement multi-threading.

And Finally there are lots of libraries to show the structure of different levels in tree view and the grid structure.

By using all these feature one can create easily a file manager with all the below features.
  1. Opening the document in the cloud
  2. Drag and Drop upload
  3. High performance File operations
  4. Large file upload(>1GB)
  5. Directory Upload
  6. Multiple file upload
  7. Tree Based Presentation
  8. Document information
and many more...

Dropbox, Google Drive and now you can have yours...

 Further Reading:
  1. Websocket Basics 
  2. Mozilla Developer Network 
  3. Websocket specification 
  4. Websocket community 
  5. HTML5  

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March 5, 2014 at 10:35 AM delete

Thanks, Now its part of antkorp product (Social Network for Communication and Collaboration).

Please visit for more details. you can download and install it(its free).

March 5, 2014 at 10:46 AM delete

The FM looks great. Is it already available? Can you please give me more details on how to try/get it?

March 5, 2014 at 11:04 AM delete

yes, it is available with many other features. You can download the app from and follow the setup guide to install and try it.

Setup Guide :